ColorLogic is a company renounced for its color expertise, during the last 15 years they have developed an extensive portfolio in the field of color management technologies, as well as powerful and innovative products for demanding customers. The huge response - particularly from their technology partners - encourages them to continuously improve and search better solutions to cope with the problems in day-to-day color reproduction and stay ahead in this competitive world of Color technology.

Compose is glad to have this opportunity to work with ColorLogic as a partner, we hope to bring more solutions to the market in different sphere, whether it is Inkjet or offset, whether it is basic CMYK or Multi-color space. Compose and Color Logic is here to help.

Colorlogic has a wide spectrum of software technology, but today we like to introduce the 3 key basic tools which will help customers of all walks of life. These are the basic tools for starting your way to accurate colors.

The three key products are: ColorAnt, CoPrA, and ZePrA.


ColorLogic | ColorAnt 


logo colorant2013ColorAnt is a software solution for the measurement data processing prior to profiling. There are many situations in which measurement data are not prepared correctly causing trouble when creating the ICC profiles. There could be reading errors from the instrument, print errors or other artifacts (e.g. inhomogeneous data) resulting in a less than perfect measurement data quality. To optimize the measurement data and to intelligently average multiple data sets, ColorAnt is the perfect tool.

Extensive tool box

Multiple tools like optical brightener correction for papers or tone value curve adaptation for various specifications (e.g. according to G7, ISO or house standards), smoothing, error correction, white point adaptations, averaging and idealization of measurement data for standardization purposes are available in this powerful, but still easy-to-use solution. The spectral editing of primaries and automatic calculation of overprints in complete sets of measurement data, allows creation of printer profiles even without time and cost intensive printing of large test charts. Additional analyzing, comparing, reporting and viewing features assist you in figuring out potential sources of error and which tools to use to correct them. Another highlight of the new ColorAnt is that it creates custom test charts which respect your specific requirements while working with different color spaces and it also supports your profile creation in the best possible way.

Smoothing tool to fine tune measurement data

mainscreensmoothing toolcustom chart


Enhanced print production reliablity

Finally, the quality of ICC profiles is always dependent on the quality of the measurement data. Analyzing and optimizing measurement data allows higher profile quality which leads to a higher reliability of the whole print production process. With this in mind, ColorAnt helps to optimize every printer profiling tool in the market, whether it is ICC-compliant or not. You will be surprised how inexpensive a dramatically improved print quality and production reliability can be!

correction comparison



ColorAnt is offered in two different packages

ColorAnt M is designed for standard printing processes and color spaces, whereas ColorAnt L addresses the packaging and multicolor market.

ColorAnt version

Spectral Editing of Primaries

edit primariesThe Edit Primaries tool allows the user to add, remove, and exchange primaries or the paper/substrate into an existing measured test chart. In typical print production, adding or swapping ink(s) requires the expense of printing a full blown test chart. The Edit Primaries tool will simply require the spectral data of the new ink(s) to be added or exchanged. Edit Primaries will not only exchange the inks but also recalculate all overprints based on intelligent spectral color models and generates new measurement data. With this extraordinary tool you are immediately able to create all required data for calculating ICC profiles for modified color combinations.

Potential efficiency gain with the Edit Primaries tool in typical production scenarios

Variance in press condition
The characterization press run is slightly deficient in solid ink density or hue on one or more colors.

Exchange of paper/substrate
The inks shall be the same but a slightly different paper shall be used.

Exchanging inks in packaging print production

Create a new profile that swaps in e.g. Blue for a Cyan or a Rhodamine Red for Magenta.

Flexibility for packaging customers Create different color variants from a full blown 7 color press characterization data set by deleting channels to building new characterization data sets without printing a new test chart. For example, from an original 7C data set (e.g. CMYK+Orange+Green+Violet) build variants for CMYK only, CMY+Violet, CMYK+Orange+Green or other combinations.

Increasing CMYK gamut
Adding a 5th, 6th or 7th color to a CMYK printing process.




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