pressSIGN 8pressSIGN V8 - New Features

  • Support for ISO 12647-7 digital print targets
  • Expanded colour gamut ICC profiles supported
  • Automode for Epson proofers
  • proofSIGN features included in pressSIGN
  • Create new jobs remotely
  • Auto re-synch to remote servers
  • X-Rite iO Table now supported
  • New export functions
  • New file parser ManRoland ColorPilot

Each pressSIGN-Pro installation includes the pressSIGN-Pro server, pressSIGN-Pro client, a pressSIGN-Trends client and pressSIGN-Mobile client. Additional clients can be purchased.

Use pressSIGN's soft proofing facility to visually check jobs in the production or pre-press office live from the press. Improve communication with the chat messaging service.

pressSIGN contains the PANTONE™ libraries and the ability to create custom colour libraries. Control not only solid spot colours but tints as well. Set spot tint targets based on previous prints or use pressSIGN's Visual Linear Targeting (VLT) to achieve the smoothest possible blends.

Download pressSIGN 7 New Features PDF


pressSIGN-Pro V 8 main features

Main features

Main features

  • Scores the measurement against the print target giving a colour coded overall score Print targets with tolerances and scoring are fully customisable. Score the spot colours, CMYK and overall.
  • Dynamic Density Adjustment(DDA) uniquely predicts best possible density based on the selected print target and the actual paper, ink, chemistry in use for that job
  • Dryback - accurately compensates for dry back for spot and process colours taking account of density variation
  • Auto target adjustment for substrate - user doesn't need to create a multitude of press targets for each substrate to get best quality of print.
  • Creates and updates tonal curves using either TVI (dot gain), 4CX technology (grey balance) or Neutral Print Density.
  • Print targets - all international standards supported, including all 7 ISO 15339 targets. Print targets fully customisable with automtaic white point compensation
  • Spot Colours - includes PANTONE™ libraries for up to 16 colour printing, create custom spot libraries
  • Spot Colour Tints - Control spot colour tints with pressSIGN's Visual Linear Target (VLT) technology or use previously printed tints as your target.
  • Dynamic Reports - get detailed reports on all aspects of production, compare operators, campaigns. Rank performance and follow trends all through a web browser interface
  • Use any colour bar
  • Ink substitution allows the same colour bar to be used whether spot or process colours
  • Trend analysis reports showing press, operator, shift performance and wastage of print process for single or multiple jobs
  • Monitor performance from the production office for all presses and printing devices
  • Soft Proof at the press or in the production office, see the impact of paper colour and the actual press measurements on the job
  • Check consistency across the press and against the OK sheet
  • Connects to all scanning spectrophotometers and many third-party closed loop systems
  • Templates reduce set up time
  • Automode with templates automatically creates jobs from SVF files with no operator intervention


See how pressSIGN-Pro can help you and your company improve print quality, meet clients expectations and lower costs. Download a demo of the latest version of the software today.

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